Are You Feeling Tired and Weak After Eating?

Do you feel very tired after eating your meals? If you do, then you are not alone as there are so many people all over the world who are experiencing the exact same problem you do. But then again, there is actually no need for you to fret if you do feel weak and sluggish after meals every now and then. It might be that you are not getting enough rest and sleep for the past few days. However, if you are having such feeling every single day, then you need to take action since this might be a potential indication of an underlying health disorder, or perhaps sensitivities towards specific food items, or you could also be under immense psychological stress. Read on and learn about the reasons behind feeling very exhausted and tired after consuming your meals, along with some preventive ways and means for it.

So what exactly causes you to feel very tired after meals? Well, it is essentially a process which occurs within your body and thus leads to the condition. Feeling fatigued after meals is deemed normal if you consume food items with huge amounts of flour and sugar in them like cookies, white bread, chocolates and so on. The presence of too much sugar within your body leads to the sudden increase in your blood sugar levels. This, furthermore, causes the pancreas to release large quantities of insulin into your blood stream. Excess release of insulin in the body results to a substance referred to as tryptophan to travel towards the brain. The latter is a protein building block, which upon reaching your brain gets turned into serotonin. It is at last because of serotonin in which you feel weak and tired after meals.

How do you prevent extreme fatigue after eating? Well, in order for you to do so, you should focus on making certain amendments with regards to your diet. The most critical reason behind that excessive tiredness feeling after eating is consuming heavy meals loaded with high quantities of sugar and flour in them. This should be avoided as much as possible. Here are some better options that you can try;

- Go for lighter and healthier foods like chicken, fish, nuts and plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables. These food items are a lot easier to digest and you would not have problems getting weak and tired upon consuming them since your body would be able to produce plenty of energy, regardless of how hard you work!
- Are you acidic? Did you know that there is a connection between acidity and tiredness? Yes, that is true. If your body has an acidity of 6.5 or even lower (more acidic), then your body is working twice as hard as it is supposed to; hence the reason you get tired. To counter acidity, consume high alkaline foods like bananas, raisins, broccoli, sprouts, potatoes, etc.
- Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, keep away from fast foods, especially for your afternoon meal. Such are not only unhealthy options, but they also do nothing to sustain your energy. Rather, fat intake will worsen your situation and contribute significantly towards the tiredness you endure.

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