When Did College Basketball Start?

The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith, back in 1892. It was in 1893, that the first college basketball game was played. It was between New Brighton and Geneva College. The first game was held in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until 1895, that the first intercollegiate game was played. This game was between Hamline University and the University of Minnesota’s School of Agriculture. The score of this game was 9 to 3, with Minnesota as the winner.

The format changed in 1896 to a five player style. Up until this point, games usually consisted of seven to nine players. The first game, to try this new style, was held in Iowa City, IA. It was a match between the University of Chicago and the University of Iowa. The score was 15 to 12, with Chicago victorious in this scrimmage.

In 1906, it was the dawn of a new era in basketball. There were finally enough college teams and the NCAA was born. Evanston, IL was the home of the first NCAA game back in 1939. Over 5,000 fans gathered for the scrimmage of Oregon and Ohio State Universities. It was a rough game and Oregon took home the win with a 46 to 33 score.

It was not until 1940, that the first game became televised for all to see. Madison Square Garden was home to the first televised games. It was a double header between Pittsburgh and Fordham, and also NYU beat Georgetown. Pittsburg was the winner with a score of 57 to 37 and NYC also won with a score of 50 to 27. Since this debut of televised basketball, the obsession with basketball games has increased dramatically.

Now March Madness kicks of the basketball season. This is one of the most watches televised events and it draws a crowd of nearly one million people. Each year, there are 31 different conferences, which are played and watched by fans nationwide. The Bowl Championship Series makes up of six conferences including the Big Ten. No matter how many games are played none can be as famous as the one played in 1979. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson both made it to the semi-finals. Of course Magic’s Michigan Team was victorious. Basketball is something that is here to stay. Basketball is a great sport, which one can enjoy the history and future of.

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